Shopping FAQ

Our talented glovemakers lovingly craft each pair of YISEVEN leather gloves, ensuring sturdy seams, exceptional details, and a perfect fit that will last for years. The following are some of the problems you may encounter in the process of buying gloves, the following content can help Your better shopping.
When new the leather has a characteristic odor. This is normal and the odor will fade away after a few days.
Maintain & Care:
1. When you put on a glove, you should ideally not pull on the cuff, but gently push down in between the fingers.
2. Under no circumstances should you use a hair dryer, a radiator, or direct sunlight.
3. If your glove is very wrinkled, you can use an iron on the lowest heat setting and use a dry piece of cotton to protect the leather from the iron (this may need some skill and is best done by professionals).
4. Regularly hydrated your gloves with leather conditioner to keep the material flexible and strong.