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Gloves arrived safely & are beautiful fit.Just like to thank you all that had bee n involved with my exchange how much I have appreciated it & considers you all brilliant people & Companies to deal with.

Pauline Carey

I love these gloves. I bought them for my mother for Christmas. She is very thin and very sensitive to the cold. I can hardly wait to give them to my Mom. I can't write about how well they'll hold up, but. With the quality being so obviously high, I think it's likely they will last years.


Love these gloves...they're warm and very good looking. It takes a couple of days for the leather to stretch a bit and become really comfy but after that, perfect!! I will be buying more as Christmas gifts.

Missy H

My wife loves these gloves! The leather is soft and the lining thin but warm. The textured design in the leather gives them a good grip for driving as well. They are well worth the cost!

Randy Brown

I really like these gloves. Very warm and cozy. I think the colors shown on the listing are backwards between the "Rubine" and "Pink". The color shown for Rubine is the color I wanted, not as bright a pink. Perfect color for me.

Vicki Owens