Every pair of gloves sold has its own story!

Every pair of gloves sold has its own story!

Dear friends:

When you click to open this blog, I can't wait to share the story of YISEVEN gloves with you.

Our belief: Great style is a part of daily life. When YISEVEN sold its first pair of leather gloves, the idea was simple: luxury products could be affordable.

In the past days, there have been many wonderful moments.

Urban women love YISEVEN, they will choose YISEVEN gloves as gifts for themselves, rewarding themselves for working hard every moment. This city is full of challenges and uncertainties at any time, but they never give up their pursuit. They are women of the new era, striving to create their own world. YISEVEN has witnessed their changes and still feels their passion and desire for life!

Husbands/boys will find their favorite gloves for their wives/girlfriends. They memorize the favorite colors of their wives/girlfriends. In their busy work, they also plan to surprise their beloved wives and represent their love. . At the same time, they will also choose suitable gloves for business occasions and leisure occasions to represent their fashion attitude. There is a saying: Men are eternal youths. We adhere to the minimalist fashion attitude, not only can show the unique charm of men on men's gloves, but the minimalist design and high-quality quality have also been recognized by male customers.

Online celebrities also love YISEVEN, and YISEVEN gloves can also be seen in various activities of online celebrities. Fashion is an attitude to life, and the process of chasing fashion is becoming a better version of yourself!

At the same time, we have also seen that many customers will make YISEVEN the best choice for gifts, taking advantage of Christmas to express their love to their families.

We are witnessing the occurrence of wonderful moments for our friends, and we also wish that each pair of gloves can bring happiness and peace to our friends!


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