79.99 Value Purchase-Women's Long Down Jacket!

79.99 Value Purchase-Women's Long Down Jacket!



Whether you want a short outfit or a long outfit, it can satisfy you. One can be used as two types to suit your trip. (When the weather is cold, you can wear a long skirt; when the weather is good, you can take the trousers apart and wear only a short skirt.)

A variety of colors and styles for you to choose from, make this winter also colorful!

The material is more comfortable and self-cultivation, and YI SEVEN is equipped with multiple pockets, except for the things you carry with you, you can put them in the pockets, and at the same time, you no longer have to worry about exposing your hands.

Whether it is a low temperature environment of 32 degrees or a normal temperature of about 0 degrees, its warmth retention is always trustworthy. Even if you are out, don't worry when you are out in a snowstorm or heavy rain. YI SEVEN uses waterproof material fabrics and waterproof zippers, allowing you to go out easily.

Whether in the alleys or on the streets of New York, wearing YI SEVEN down jackets is the best choice for urban beauties!


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